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Now Yahya Salih is back, with a new trend.
This new restaurant, is called  Jannah
specialized in Iraqi-Californian 
Cuisine. Yahya is back with his famous delicious 
phyllo dishes, and exotic ingredients.
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Then in 1990, Yahya moved to a new 
location, in the inner sunset district. 
He opened a sophisticated cuisine and
deli. He created the only restaurant in
the city that replicates Mesopotamian
In 1997, Yahya wanted to explore
a new location, the Financial District.
He moved and created a new design
for " YAYA CUISINE" restaurant, and 
he opened UR cafe' just next door.
He specialized in authentic Iraqi-Middle
Eastern food.
Yaya Cuisine was established in 1988, 
in downtown, San Francisco.  This cuisine 
specialized in Middle Eastern mesquite-
grilled kabab, blended with western style.
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